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Behind the Lens

I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go

about us


From a visual artist cum-music-composer and songwriter, Iacovos pulled inspiration from different modes of expression, and harnessed the one-of-a-kind feel of leading one's own music band. When his 80s recording-studio and multiple gigs gave way to his Recording Arts studies Iacovos added more strings on his bow evolving and challenging his artistic dower. Commercial videography, and editorial work came next only to push his creativity further and inspire him to pursue a more meaningful, more intentional way to tell stories. Iacovos Argyrides embodies the culmination of his talents, his enthusiasm, his expertise, and his unyielding passion for stories that live through. 

A sleepless explorer, and a tenacious life-lover Iacovos has spent his entire life as an artist. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

Sun filtering through the pine tress at the Grecian shores



The scent of fresh jasmine in the cool summer breeze takes me back to one of my favourite childhood memories at my grandmother's house



Spending time with my pupper (and alpha cuddler) Moujou 



Literally anything Mediterranean + a full-bodied red.


guilty pleasure

If you want to see my teenage smile, give the man a set of drums


part of my job

That moment after the ceremony when my clients realize their forever starts right then.

about you

Our clients inspire each other to love bigger, dream louder, venture further, and be better

As creators of their very own capsule in time, capturing their moments beneath the surface of what naturally unfolds, the calm and the impulsive, the powerful sonancies and the secret glimpses, means to draw inspiration from their personalities and journey. Every element they choose for their special day is part of their love story- the flowers, the rings, the dress, the place, the subtleties of charm, tied with their very own, very human, very exceptional life.

A glance into getting ready, the potent presence of family and friends, the slant of a tear rolling on a cheekbone, the clutch of a father's hand as he gives his baby away... and then there are chandeliers glittering, a man by the window waving at his friends, an ambient union and candles that burn as he holds her in his arms, or a parasol that spins as they kiss beneath its colorful stripes... thousands of tiny particles that make a complete "portrait" of who these people are and where they'll be going. The future they've talked about in their lovers; promises is now!

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We've been tracing love stories on film before Instagram was ever a thing. Turns out you can now get a glimpse of our wedding cinematography work on IG @iacovosargyrides #iacovosargyrides. We'd love to see you there, read your thoughts and comments