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to cherish for the rest of your lives

"I have sought freedom in making films, but my ultimate goal when capturing weddings remains to honor humanity, and Love
Capital L- Love "

Films are time capsules to preserve the original moment of their register, a collection of memories and feelings that extend from those who experienced these incredible times. High-end wedding videography is just as significant to your special day as expertly captured imagery. Iacovos Argyrides opens paths between extraordinary journeys, emotions present, and timeless. Gravitating around the design, the feel, and the dynamics of your union, following the impetus of each moment in a harmony of softness and spontaneity, we ring your stride into your new lives together in a fluid, natural, cinematic language that enfolds how potent and beautiful love is. 


from our clients:

“Iacovos Argyrides was perfect to work with and wonderfully discrete on location. We now have a beautifully filmed and edited film of our special day which we will treasure forever. Highly recommended!”

nicolas & kim

"The service provided by Iacovos was exceptional! Very organised, professional and with great attention to detail. Thank you for capturing our special day so perfectly!"

andreas & thalia

behind the lens


Drawing on over 10 years of experience in filmmaking, poised between what's tangible and visually fascinating, Iacovos Argyrides thrust himself into an art practice that embraces the waver of emotions, the permanence of happiness, and the power of human connection. His unrepetantly romantic films boldly blur the lines between narrative cinema and real-life documentation, finely composed and evocative as a sonnet. As a cinéaste exclusif to some of the most elegant weddings in Cyprus, Iacovos has crafted distinct cinematics that set excitement alight, and illume the collective, beautiful path we walk in when we walk in love. 



a legacy in motion

We specialize in destination wedding cinematography and collaborate with the photographers, planners, and creative teams to lense and compose outstanding films for our clients. Our couples are sincere, fashion-forward escapists who enjoy a great party. We love it when candid moments unfurl, when substance reveals itself and soulful beauty unravels. When celebrations liven and carry away your feet to fiery dances, where gentleness and stirring moments come forth, you'll always find us collecting; the trails, the poetry, surprise, the compellingly natural; nothing slips quietly away. To create cinematics for you to cherish for the rest of your lives is our testament to your heritage, your legacy in motion. 

invariably you

Our dedication to the craft of premium wedding movies begins with a single-handed promise: to stay faithful to who our clients are and deliver them with cinematics that are not only bespoke, but all-encompasing.
We believe in preserving all the elements and relationships important and devote ourselves to crafting films that will always call to your heart with striking immediacy.
Be it your catalyst love story, your fabulous party, your awe-inspiring journeys, your faith and tradtions, or all the in-between moments of your special celebration, your cine-memories will feel (and continue to be) deeply affecting. Invariably You_


Filming love stories is so much more than binding together happenings. Candid moments, a pursuit for magic, and depth of details inform one another, echoing the ways in which we shape stories from the real and the notional. Behind the bigger picture you'll always find intention, inspiration, and thoughtfulness. The conversation doesn't end, and Iacovos Argyrides loves to share insights on wedding cinematography, new discoveries, experiences, and know-how garnered from his work with the best in the industry. This Journal is a place for reflection and meting, sharing and offering glimpses both in front and behind the scenes, and sometimes... sometimes it's all about the fun found in the little things we all love to enjoy. 

Let's make something beautiful